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Fight for All those who Can’t

I don’t care who’s reading this. Or who will ever read this.


I was originally going to publish something on New Year’s, but I just heard what President Trump said about Jerusalem belonging to Israel. And then I saw the protests that had been taking place all over the world in retaliation. And then I cried. And now, I’m mad.


In case anybody had any doubts, I’m a religious Muslim. Here, I’ll write it in big capital letters:



Now you know where I stand.


And you know what? I could die for my religion. I don’t care if some big-wig reads this in the future and decides to kill me because of this. I don’t care if this very post will make some people turn against me. Obviously not now, but I’m talking about the future. When I join the workforce and get involved in intricate personal relations based on mutual interest. When stating something like this so openly can be considered risky. Hell, it could even be considered risky now. But I don’t care.


This is what I believe. This is what I am. And if I have to die for it, I will.


For all those INNOCENT souls who have suffered and been tortured and have gotten everything taken away from them, all because they were Muslim. I want justice. It can’t go on like this. IT’S NOT RIGHT.


I, Esin Murat, will never be afraid. I will never back down. And most importantly, I will never lose my faith in Allah.


Here’s to 2018.

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