Not a Secret Anymore

I sometimes wonder if people actually mean it when they tell me I’m crazy. I mean, what if people genuinely think I’ve got a screw loose? That’d be interesting.


Anyway, to whoever’s reading this: I got news for ya.


I’m officially going to university in China! Yep, I got accepted. Like yesterday, or two days ago. Y’all can hit me up in Beijing for some green tea. Ok joking aside, I’m actually going to first study the language for two years on campus. I just realized that I’m so secretive.. ever since I deleted all my social media I haven’t felt the urge to disclose anything at all, to anyone.


But hey, no harm since I’m already in, right? No one reads this anyway.. ;)


Yeah so, I took the official Chinese language proficiency exam for A2 level in January, and I got 99% in reading and 96% in listening. I’ve been preparing for the B1 ever since, which requires me to memorize 600 characters! I enjoy it, though. Sort of.


Next up, Spanish. I recently registered myself to take the official C1 exam this July. I’ll be attending a 4-week long preparation course in Barcelona leading up to it.. I love Spanish.


Now that that’s gotten out of the way, let’s go back to China. I don’t know if I ever mentioned this on here, but I changed my mind about majoring in physics way back in September. After having had studied it for years, I realized that it just wasn’t for me. I mean I still like the concepts and all, but plugging numbers into equations.. is as fun as it sounds, really.


Instead, I’ve decided to major in biology! I mean, if I’m gonna discover aliens someday I gotta know what to look for, right? It’s even in the name: astroBIOLOGY. Will keep updated on how that one goes.


The hardest part out of all of this, is that the majority of my classes at uni will be taught in Chinese. So in addition to learning the language to a super high level, I’ll also have to learn all the terminologies for biology, chemistry, math and other courses. Yes, I’ve cried over this to my mom at night. On multiple occasions. And yes, I’ve questioned why I was doing this to myself.


I know that it’s going to be really hard. Torturous, even. I know I’ll be starting university three years later compared to the rest of my peers (considering I had to repeat the 10th grade to learn Turkish when I moved). Whatever might be going through your mind now.. I know.


But my heart’s telling me to go. And goddamnit, I’m gonna go.


The way I see it, a risk this big could either break me, or make me.


I can do it, though.


Trust me.


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