A pretty flower I had picked up on a field in Bulgaria.

Where it all Begins

I just want to get this perfect. After all, it is my first ever blog post, and first impressions count. A lot. Oh god why am I nervous.

deep breath

Hi there! My name is Esin Murat, and I’m currently seventeen years old. Getting the basics of who I am out of the way, I was originally born in Turkey but moved to the United States when I was only four months old. I grew up in this small town in northern New Jersey and lived there until the end of my sophomore year, when I moved to Turkey with my mom. I have one older brother who’s managed to make a life for himself in the states, so he’s still there. Oh, and I also have a pet iguana named Hans.

I originally made this website/blog on a whim back in October after watching “Wall Street” for the first time. I don’t know what it was, but Gordon Gekko (who I consider to be my idol) inspired what I call a “business mindset” in me. I became obsessed with the notion of personal branding, and fervently began to open social media accounts (of which I had never had before) and attempt to define who I was to the world. The idea that my essence, just like any other piece of information out there, could be known to anyone and everyone in the world, just blew my mind.

Being a rather private person, I have been told that I’m “hard to open up.” I’m guilty of having my guard up almost all of the time in the presence of other people, but I honestly can’t help it. I guess I just struggle with expressing.

Which is where this blog comes in.

I refuse to let my shyness get in the way of experiencing one of the most beautiful things in life: showing up, and being seen.

To whoever is reading this, even though I may not see you, I hope you see me.

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